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Posted: August 15, 2017

Welcome to Opinion City! If you’re looking for a way to make money from the comfort of your home, then you’ve come to the right place. At Opinion City, we connect you with the top market research companies who then send you surveys to help you earn money easily. We’re here to make sure you’re making the best connections with survey sites so that you have the highest earning potential. Surveys can have a bad name, and people can be suspicious of scams. That’s where I come in. My job is to find the best survey sites that actually pay. I’m here not only to investigate consumer trends, but also to look into companies to make sure they’re legit. Think of me as your survey guide, keeping your info safe and your wallet happy. Now, are you ready to start being your own boss with online surveys?

DID YOU KNOW? Starbucks heavily relies on market research to improve its customer experience and product selection! For example, Starbucks monitored consumer trends and listened to the voices of its customers to implement dairy-free milk alternatives in its drinks in 2004 by introducing soy milk as a new option. Coconut milk was added in 2015, almond milk was added in 2016 and some stores began offering oat milk in 2018! Starbucks will continue to evaluate consumer trends and listen to its customers’ suggestions to continue to evolve with the times, provide a better consumer experience and improve its product selection! These types of improvements aren’t possible without your honest feedback, so be sure to say exactly what you’re thinking while participating in market research! (Source: The Balance – Small Business

DID YOU KNOW? LEGO used market research to help save its brand from bankruptcy! In 2004, LEGO created its very own Global Insights Division solely to research market trends to find out what types of products parents and children wanted to see from the brand. Consequently, LEGO created new lines of products! LEGO Architecture made LEGO sets of landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty because this is what its adult audience wanted to make with LEGOs! In 2014, LEGO heard the outpouring of suggestions from its online and electronics-focused audience and created LEGO movies! Without its customers’ input, LEGO might not be around today. This is another reason why YOUR opinions are so important to brands! (Source: Business Today – Online Journal)

DID YOU KNOW? McDonald’s is seemingly ALWAYS making menu improvements based on what its customers want to eat! The fast-food giant changes its healthy-eating options based on its consumers’ evolving definition of healthy foods. For example, in 2013, McDonald’s changed the lettuce in its salads to red leaf lettuce and carrot curls based on what its consumers thought was healthier. Additionally, in 2015, McDonald’s switched from margarine to butter while making its McMuffins because consumers wanted the food to taste more “real” and “genuine.” As consumers adjust their eating habits based on emerging trends, McDonald’s and its menu will continue to evolve based on the open line of communication the brand fosters with its customers! This is yet another reason why it’s important to honestly share your opinions with the brands you love in market research studies! (Source: Business Insider)

Market research is one of the most important things in society in which you can participate! By sharing your honest opinions about brands, products and services, you’re helping brands and companies change for the better. New products and services can be created to help improve certain aspects of life. Already-established products and services you use daily can become more efficient. Change can be made in your neighborhood, your city, your state and the country! This is why YOUR voice is so important. YOU can make change happen because YOUR opinions are valuable. In fact, your opinions are SO valuable, you’ll be rewarded by market research companies for sharing your feedback! The more surveys and studies you honestly complete to the best of your abilities, the more you can qualify for and the more you can earn!

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