Our world is more connected today than it has ever been before thanks to social media and the Internet. Even though everyone has their own agenda when it comes to personal and family tasks that need to be done, everyone is seemingly in tune with all the national and global issues that are happening in society.

Since people are more connected now than at any time previously in history, it means people have more opinions than ever before. When you have an opinion, you tend to want to share it with the people you care about or someone who will care.

Thanks to First Opinion, you can connect with people just like yourself and share your opinions on a variety of topics via online surveys and polls. Did we mention you can earn rewards, too?

What Is First Opinion?

First Opinion, whose parent company is Philomath Research, is an online platform where you can complete paid surveys, answer polls, test products, and review ads all in exchange for rewards.

When you share your opinions in these various forms of market research, you’ll be providing First Opinion with your insight on how you see the world through your own two eyes. While some people have similar opinions to you, not everyone is the same. First Opinion then takes the answers you provide in the company’s market research to help major decision makers in the world improve daily life for everyone thanks to fresh takes provided by you, the consumer.

The major subjects First Opinion needs input on are popular brands’ products and services, especially the products and services people use the most and on a daily basis. Your opinions on these types of things can help the brands create new and even better products and services, or your input can help them simply improve their already existing products and services.

Joining First Opinion

It’s really simple to create your free account with First Opinion. To begin the sign-up process, you’ll need to enter your standard registration information such as your email address and mobile phone number, and you’ll create a password for your account as well. First Opinion also gives you the option to sign up with your Google account or your Facebook account.

Once you do this, you’ll then be asked to check your email inbox for First Opinion’s welcome email. In the welcome email, you’ll need to confirm your registration. This is an important step in your sign-up process; do not skip it.

Once you confirm your registration, you’ll be directed to a page to begin filling out basic demographic information about yourself and your household via a few qualifying profile surveys. These profile surveys will help connect you to future surveys that will match your interests and your living situations. This helps keep surveys and market research in general more engaging and satisfying to all users.

You can view new surveys and market research that’s available to you on First Opinion’s dashboard via your PC or you can download First Opinion’s mobile app onto your devices so you can complete surveys there.

You’ll also receive email invitations for surveys. This will help ensure you never miss a survey opportunity in case you happen to forget to log into your account on your PC on a given day.

Earning Rewards with First Opinion

With First Opinion, you’ll be compensated for each survey you complete, each poll you answer or any piece of market research you fill out. You’ll even be rewarded for completing the profile surveys that you’re required to fill out right after you confirm your registration.

Additionally, you can also be rewarded by recommending your friends and family to First Opinion. You simply just have to give them your referral link and, when they create a First Opinion account via your link, you’ll earn rewards.

Initially, you’ll be rewarded with points for all the tasks and market research you complete with First Opinion. Once you accumulate enough points to reach the cash-out threshold, you can redeem your points for great prizes.

These prizes include cash rewards via PayPal or a direct deposit right into your bank account. Plus, you can choose from a variety of gift card options to great retailers such as Amazon and GiftPay.

While earning rewards from First Opinion is great, it’s also good to keep in mind your participation in market research is helping to influence tomorrow’s future. What could be more satisfying than knowing that fact?

If you’re ready to become even more connected to the world by providing your opinions in high quality surveys and other market research opportunities, then you’ll want to create your free First Opinion account today.