Everyone loves a good debate every now and again. Not to mention we all have strong opinions on all kinds of topics, whether it’s of major or minor importance. If you feel the need to share your opinions and debate, you’re in the right place! Step onto your soap box and join MySoapBox today!

Signing up for MySoapBox is FREE and filling out the registration form only takes a few moments. The next step you need to complete is confirming your account registration in MySoapBox’s welcome email. To complete the MySoapBox sign-up process, you need to complete your member profile! This entails choosing your very own avatar. There are so many fun ones to choose from, such as a firefighter, a construction worker, a witch, a student, a nurse, a scuba diver and many others.

Next, you fill out your profile survey! In the profile survey, you personalize your MySoapBox experience by choosing which ways you’d like to participate in surveys. You can choose to participate by telephone, by in-person studies, via online communities, by conducting various types of product trials, by conducting various types of medical trials and there are other options as well. Just for registering and completing your MySoapBox member profile, you’ll receive 750 points.

It can take between 15 – 20 minutes to complete all those registration steps. After that, you can begin searching for available surveys so you can give your opinions on your favorite brandsproducts and services and begin earning points right away! Tell MySoapBox what you love, hate, or want to change about products, services and topics and MySoapBox will let the brands know your feedback!

You can also give your input on a variety of different experiences you’ve had, whether that is with a brand, a social experience or something that may have happened at your work. This feedback will help and encourage others to open up about similar experiences they have had and to help them know they’re not the only ones feeling the way they do! It’s truly a win-win situation for everyone involved. There are also “Charity Polls” to participate in and vote on as well.

The most successful brands around the world depend on people to evaluate them on how they’re doing, what they need to do better and what they should create in the future. You’ll be so happy to know the opinions you share on MySoapBox are helping REAL brands make REAL change so they can improve as best as possible!

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