One of the most important things you can look for when deciding to join and participate in a survey panel is its legitimacy. You want to make sure the survey panel is reputable, dedicated to market research and is collecting survey responses in order to improve the world around us. One of those legitimate, top-notch, high-quality, reputable survey panels is Ipsos i-Say.

Ipsos i-Say provides a fresh perspective on the issues and trends of today via its surveys, polls, product trials and other research methods. Part of the reason why Ipsos i-Say has such a fresh perspective on everything is also due to its participants, their input and their responses.

For example, Ipsos i-Say allows its users to create their own polls for other users to respond to with their own unique opinions. Not many other survey panels give users that kind of power. Since Ipsos i-Say users can create polls on whatever topic they are curious about, users have the opportunity to express their thoughts on nearly any topic under the sun.

At first, the polls fall into generic categories such as lifestyle, vehicles, gourmet foods and going out, sports, movies and TV, travel and tourism, music, computers and electronics, and “everything else.” The polls then have more finely-tuned topics such as brands, purses and handbags, gas prices, football, seasonal decorating, “dad jokes,” vacations, make-up, exercise, crafting, parenting, celebrities, luxury items, desserts, cities to visit and so many other great topics.

Ipsos i-Say users can answer more than just polls though. The primary form of market research that Ipsos i-Say offers is surveys. Its surveys give you, the user, the chance to voice your opinions on nearly every topic you can imagine as well. Some of the more popular topics include global brands, entertainment and advertisements.

As an Ipsos i-Say member, you can also participate in at-home product trials. For the trials, you will take a qualifying survey to see if you are eligible to participate. If you are, you will then be sent the product to try in a plain, white box with the Ipsos i-Say logo on the side. The shipping label will say the package is from Ipsos i-Say and it will arrive at your doorstep via a standard shipping carrier. You then test the product and take a follow-up survey about it when you are done.

Whenever you answer polls and surveys and provide your input on product trials with Ipsos i-Say, your responses are collected and help to publish research. These results are displayed via i-Say Research News. This is a great and unique Ipsos i-Say feature that proves your opinions, thoughts and input are going towards providing insights and improving the world around us.

Did we mention you will also be rewarded for participating in market research from Ipsos i-Say? It is true. For each poll, survey, product trial or other type of market research you complete, you will receive points. You can then redeem your points for fun rewards like gift cards, charitable donations, cash, merchandise and virtual VISA prepaid gift cards. It is important to note that 100 points is approximately worth $1.

You can turn your points into $5 to $100 e-gift cards for retailers like Amazon, Google Play, Burger King, Darden Restaurants (which includes Olive Garden and Long Horn Steakhouse), Target, Starbucks, The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Apple, Sephora, Walmart, Dunkin’ Donuts and CVS.

You can also donate your points to charities such as the relief efforts to assist the people of Haiti after an earthquake recently rocked their country, charities that help dogs and cats, the Ipsos Foundation which helps provide education for disadvantaged children and youth, nature conservation efforts, the American Red Cross, Ronald McDonald House, Habitat for Humanity, the American Heart Association, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America and more.

If you would like to redeem your points as cash, you can receive $5 to $50 via PayPal, though you do need to have accumulated between 510 to 5,100 points to do so. If you decide to cash out your points for a virtual VISA prepaid gift card, you can do so and receive a gift card for $10 to $100, though you will need between 1,000 to 10,000 points to redeem via this method.

There is also a merchandise option on how you can redeem your points. You can receive different types of swag from the i-Say Market Restaurant Spotlight (iHop, Burger King, Chili’s, etc.), i-Say Market Merchandise Spotlight (Dyson, iBaby, Lenovo, KitchenAid, etc.), i-Say Market Retail Spotlight (1-800-Flowers, AutoZone, Barnes & Noble, etc.) and i-Say Market Entertainment Spotlight (Spotify, AMC Theaters, Regal, etc.).

Does Ipsos i-Say sound like an enticing, exciting and awesome survey panel to you? Then you will want to sign up today. It will only take a few moments to initially register to become a member of the panel. You can sign up by using your Facebook account or you can register with your email.

If you register with your email, you will first need to enter your standard registration details such as your email address, your gender and your date of birth. Then, you will be instructed to check your email inbox for Ipsos i-Say’s account confirmation email. In this email, you will click the button to confirm your account. Do not forget to complete this step. Next, you will create a password for your account and enter your name, phone number and the reason why you decided to join Ipsos i-Say.

Once you enter your phone number, Ipsos i-Say will send you a confirmation text message to confirm that you are actually you. Do not forget to complete this step as well.

Once you confirm your identity, you will be instructed to complete qualifying surveys and your member profile. It is important that you complete these steps because your responses to the qualifying surveys and in your member profile will help Ipsos i-Say match you to surveys, polls, product trials and more that you will be interested in completing. This helps your Ipsos i-Say experience stay fresh, current, fun and interesting. This step can take upwards of an hour to complete, but it is well worth doing.

Keep an eye on your email inbox for emails from Ipsos i-Say as well. The panel will send you invitations for market research you will be interested in completing, so it makes participating in market research super easy. You can also find a list of market research to complete on your account dashboard as well.

It is time to express your opinions via one of the most reputable market research panels out there. Sign up for Ipsos i-Say today and begin sharing your input on the world’s freshest and most current topics.