No matter where you live in the United States, a common place people gather and congregate at to have fun with their friends is a local bar. Some people visit their favorite bar regularly, monthly or rarely, but they at least go a few times a year to hang out and have a good time.

While bars can be fun, they can also become costly. Going out to have a good time is far from cheap. If you are not careful, you could lose a lot more money than you intended to when you first left your house.

If you are looking to have a good time, there is a much better alternative than going out to an actual bar. In fact, this alternative will pay you for your participation instead of you paying it. This particular place is an online market research community called Opinion Bar.

What Is Opinion Bar?

Opinion Bar is a leading, online, international market research company, powered by Metrix Lab, which is also one of the world’s fastest growing market research agencies. Opinion Bar was created as a small company in 1999 with the intention of only conducting surveys about websites. Now, it has expanded to be home to hundreds of thousands of members.

Its surveys and market research have also evolved since then to cover a wider scope of subjects such as advertisements, brand recognition, products, services and much more so these things and their daily usage can be improved to help better everyone’s lives.

Opinion Bar has traditional surveys for its users to take that are just in the form of a standard questionnaire, but it also mixes up the survey game with some untraditional forms of surveys. Some surveys look like a game—something like the card game Solitaire—where you have “cards” that you place over applicable definitions or statements. Some surveys allow you to sort through images and place them in applicable categories. Some surveys contain open-ended questions that allow you to respond with as much detail as you need to accurately get your point across.

There are also other forms of market research available for Opinion Bar users. You can choose to participate in at-home product tests where, in most cases, you get to keep the product for good once you are done evaluating and reviewing it. You can also be the first to see the initial launches of new websites and TV commercials so you can provide honest feedback on what companies need to do to improve what they are launching before they goes live to the public.

Users are invited to participate in surveys and other market research via emails from Opinion Bar, so once you join, it is important to keep an eye on your email inbox so you do not miss any participation invitations sent your way.

The surveys and market research you are invited to join will always be online or in the form of at-home product tests. You will never be contacted with troublesome and annoying phone calls or have any unnatural or disturbing influences sway you one way or another while you are participating in Opinion Bar’s research. Online participation is one way to ensure each user is naturally comfortable and relaxed while they participate.

A plethora of companies work with Opinion Bar to find out what consumers’ opinions are about a variety of topics and items. In fact, many global Fortune 500 companies team up with Opinion Bar for their market research needs.

Some of the major companies that Opinion Bar conducts market research for include Achmea, Canon, CNN, Danone, Discovery Channel, Dr. Oetker, Google, IKEA, KPN, PepsiCo, Quaker, Unilever and many more.

Opinion Bar Rewards

We know what you really came here for:  you want to know about the rewards that Opinion Bar offers. By completing the introductory survey and creating your account (more on that entire process later), you will receive $5 right away. This amount will be deposited into your Opinion Bar account.

You can earn additional rewards by completing more surveys and market research opportunities. You can complete multiple surveys per day and you will typically receive $2 to $5 per completed survey.

You can redeem your rewards in a few different ways. You can cash out your earnings by requesting a direct PayPal payment. You could also choose to redeem your earnings as gift cards. There is a wide variety of your favorite retailers to choose from including Amazon, Best Buy, Starbucks, AirBNB and so many more. There is also an option to choose to donate your earnings to a charity of your choice.

Joining Opinion Bar

Is Opinion Bar sounding like a good market research company to join for your lifestyle? Great. You must be at least 13 years old to join Opinion Bar and you need to make sure you set aside 20-40 minutes to create your account.

You will first begin your registration process by entering some standard registration information like the country you live in, your birthdate, your gender, your zip code and your ethnicity; you will not enter your name and email address yet.

You will then answer a few more qualifying questions about your household make-up, your employment status, your education, etc. Once you have done this, you will begin the introductory survey. This survey will take you at least 15 minutes to complete, but it could also take longer.

The survey is an anonymous one, which is why you have not been asked to enter your email address or name yet. The survey is all about your shopping habits and brand recognition and what you think of some of the brands you buy the most often, their business models, what they are known best for and things of that nature.

Once you have completed the introductory survey, you will be given a link to click on to claim your $5 reward and to officially create your Opinion Bar account.

When you officially create your account, you will then be asked for the rest of your standard registration details like your name, email address, address, phone number, etc. Make sure you also confirm your registration in Opinion Bar’s welcome email to officially begin participating in Opinion Bar’s market research.

Then all you have to do is share as many of your opinions as you like or want to and then you will be rewarded for it. It is that simple.

Are you ready to visit the “bar” that pays you for sharing your opinions? Then you need to sign up to become an Opinion Bar panelist today so you can start earning rewards for completing surveys and other market research.