Social media and the Internet have created a lot of celebrities recently, for better or worse, simply because people have a platform to post content and their thoughts on for everyone and their brother to consume and see.

In fact, there are some people today who want to choose a career path of being an influencer. If you were to tell someone 10 or 15 years ago about this new “career” path, they would have looked at you like you were crazy.

But influencers are very real in our world now and, yes, even you can become an influencer. You do not need to be a social media superstar to be an influencer, though. You can influence people with your opinions thanks to Profluence.

What Is Profluence?

Profluence is a powerful market research platform for opinion-based research. This platform is a vocal advocate for enabling changes that can favorably impact people, society and other things in our world.

The creators of Profluence feel strongly about the power of people’s opinions. Even when you look back in history—recent or ancient—people tend to create constructive and meaningful change when they bring their voices together and share them together via some sort of medium.

This influential reasoning is exactly the reason why Profluence was created:  to continue to give people a powerful outlet to voice their opinions and help promote meaningful, rapid, constructive and positive change in the world.

As a market research platform, Profluence connects you—one of its esteemed community members–to companies, brands and organizations that can help you be connected to avenues to promote and create change. These avenues are forms of market research like surveys.

Surveys—and market research in general, honestly—are key instruments to ensuring everyone’s voice is heard. Your opinions from surveys are then taken into consideration to help promote change in nearly every aspect of life.

Profluence connects you to surveys on virtually any topic you could ever imagine under the sun. The topics can include issues you face in daily life, societal issues, products you use daily and so much more.

You can take as many surveys as you would like with Profluence and you will want to take as many as you can. The reason? You will get paid for completing surveys and sharing your opinions by taking Profluence surveys.

Profluence’s Rewards

As you complete Profluence’s market research and surveys, you will be awarded points. You can redeem your points in four different ways. These methods are via PayPal, Virtual VISA gift cards, Amazon gift cards and Tango Cards. (Note:  for those who do not know, Tango Cards include e-gift cards, prepaid cards and non-profit donations for various retailers and charities).

The level of your Profluence account depends on when you can begin redeeming your points for rewards. The higher level your account is, the faster you can redeem your points; you achieve higher account levels by participating in and completing a lot of surveys and market research.

The first level is Basic and you need at least 2500 points to begin redeeming them. The second level is Verified and you need at least 2000 points to begin redeeming them. The third level is Premium and you need at least 1500 points to begin redeeming them. The fourth level is Ambassador and you need at least 1000 points to begin redeeming them.

Joining Profluence

Right now, Profluence will give you $2 worth of points just for becoming a Profluence survey panelist. It is a really easy process when it comes to creating your account as well.

It is important to set aside around 20-30 minutes to fully complete your account registration. You will first fill out a sign-up form where you will enter your standard registration details such as your name, email address, date of birth, etc. You will also create a password for your account here.

Next, you will be directed to a screen that tells you a confirmation email has been sent to your inbox. Go to your email inbox, find the confirmation email from Profluence and click the “confirm account” button.

Once you click the button, you will be taken to your account dashboard. You will first be brought to Profluence’s Profile Survey. This will take the most time to complete. Here, you will answer questions about your household, family members, food preferences, car details, health details and shopping and technology habits and preferences.

Once you have truthfully and honestly completed all the questions, you will receive 200 points from Profluence as a reward.

Then you can explore your account dashboard. In the top right-hand corner, you can view your active point balance, see if you have any messages and see how many live surveys are waiting for you.

There is also a menu on the left-hand side of the screen. There are tabs for your main dashboard, live survey list, profile surveys, points balance, your account, point redemption place, referring a friend, live polls and more.

When you visit your main dashboard, you will see the number of surveys you have completed and your points balance at the very top.

Below that, you will see a list of live surveys. The list tells you the name of each survey, what device you can complete the survey on, how long it should take you to complete the survey and how many points you will receive for completing the survey.

Overall, the Profluence account dashboard is very user-friendly and easy to navigate which will make for a great survey-taking experience.

Are you ready to become an influencer with your opinion? Then you need to register to become a survey panelist with Profluence today!