You can never truly know how someone is feeling unless they vocalize their thoughts. Sure, facial expressions and body language are good context clues leading you to formulate your own opinion about how someone feels about something, but unless they truly say what they mean by vocalizing their thoughts, you’ll never know for sure! So, how can someone truly express their thoughts online without being able to also use context clues from body language and facial expressions? By becoming a survey panelist with Vocalyz Surveys, of course!

Vocalyz is an online community composed of everyday people like yourself who participate in online surveys and polls in order to be empowered to transform the products and services that matter to you and be rewarded for doing so!

Now, that description might seem like a lot of unpack, but it’s simple! Vocalyz partners with the largest household brandsmarket research agenciescorporationspublic groups and public relations agencies who are in search of finding out what their customers think about their products and/or services. These groups want to find out the public’s honest opinions about what they provide to the world so the groups can better understand consumers’ motivations when it comes to using their goods and their purchasing habits. Understanding these two things will help these groups improve their current products and services and even help them create new ones. These groups also cover all types of industry sectors!

Vocalyz is able to help these groups and find out consumer opinions by offering panelists surveys and polls to complete! While these forms of market research could cover any and all topics since the topics are dependent upon what the groups want to find out, some of the most popular survey topics can include computersInternet activitiesfoodhome and gardenlifestyleswebsites and appsbeverages and so much more. In these surveys, you’ll be able to express your opinions about these topics or objects, your own consumer habitshow the topic impacts your world, etc. Vocalizing your thoughts then goes directly to the groups that are in need of your input! These groups then improve how they market and distribute their goods, how they advertise for their goods and so much more.

In short, Vocalyz Surveys’ goals are to have consumers share their voices and inspire real world change while getting rewarded in return! It doesn’t take long to join this exciting online community, too. First, you’ll fill out a form where you’ll enter some of your standard registration details and you’ll create a username and password for your account. Once you hit submit, you’ll be told to check your email for Vocalyz’s welcome email so you can click the link to confirm your account. It can take up to 15 minutes for your welcome email to appear in your inbox, so be patient! Once you do confirm your registration, you’ll be taken to Vocalyz’s dashboard. Here, you’ll be instructed to complete your member profile survey to help you be most accurately matched to surveys. It will take you only 2-3 minutes to complete! Then you’ll be able to jump into taking surveys, answering quick polls and even playing fun games!

For most Vocalyz tasks you complete, you’ll be rewarded with points which you can redeem later for Amazon gift cardsPayPal deposits, or you can even plant a tree with the points you’ve earned! To start, you’ll receive 100 points for fully completing your account registration. Then, you’ll earn an additional 10 points for completing your profile survey. If you update your profile survey every 6 months, you can receive a few more points as well! Generally, you can earn between 10-300 points for every survey you complete, though this all depends on the length of the surveyVocalyz also has a fun lottery wheel you can spin daily to see if you can earn an additional 100 points just by having logged in for the day. There’s no limit to the amount of points you can earn, and you’ll always stay up-to-date on your points balance because it’s always plainly visible on the left side of your account dashboard!

Speaking of the account dashboard, users will absolutely adore Vocalyz’s dashboard! It’s very sleekpleasing to the eye and is very easy to navigate. On the left side, the menu bar is located under your profile picture and your points balance. The menu bar includes tabs like surveysrewardsblogs and games. The survey tab is even more categorized and it’s easy to find what you’re looking for there!

There are 3 broad survey categoriespriority surveysquick surveys and premium surveysPriority surveys are the surveys which are recommended for you to take ASAPQuick surveys are surveys you can complete if you don’t have a lot of time at the moment. Premium surveys are longer surveys where you can earn more points for completing them. Regardless of the category you click on, on the next page, you’ll find the subcategories of surveys! These will tell you what the topic of the survey you’re about to take is, how many points you’ll earn for completing the survey and about how many minutes it should take you to complete the survey.

The rewards tab is also easy-to-navigate. There are 3 different rewards options and the cashout thresholds aren’t hidden at all! You need at least 510 points to cashout via PayPal, at least 500 points to cashout via an Amazon gift card, and at least 500 points to cashout to plant a tree!

If you’re ready to begin vocalizing your opinions about products and services from majorreputable brands and groups, then you need to become a Vocalyz Surveys survey panelist today so you can enjoy voicing your input via surveys and earning rewards for doing so to boot!