What is your definition of a champion? Is it someone who has won a contest or a game? Is it a professional sports team that has won a league title? Is it someone who has accomplished a goal they set out to achieve? Is it someone who has simply tried their best and had fun doing whatever they were doing?

Regardless of your definition of champion, you should know that you can be a champion as well when you become a member of Opinion Champ today.

What Is Opinion Champ?

Opinion Champ is a true, market research panel owned by Quest Global Research Group that provides its members with the option to participate in different paid market research opportunities.

The panel works with hundreds of brands and companies around the world to collect consumers’ opinions on a wide variety of topics, products and services in order to foster the development of, or just generally improve, all types of products and services.

This all-in-one platform offers a range of different market research opportunities its members can choose to complete. Opinion Champ members can choose to participate in surveys, discussion groups, focus groups, at-home product tests and product reviews.

The topics these forms of market research cover can be very broad or very specific, depending on what the companies and brands who hired Opinion Champ are looking for and/or need. Some things brands and companies could want members’ opinions on include marketing concepts, product appeal, advertisement ideas, product/service changes, product/service improvements and more.

Sometimes, the things the companies and brands want input on have already been released to the public. Other times, you will get a sneak peek of what these companies and brands are thinking about releasing to the public.

When it comes to the latter situation, your feedback is especially important because it can allow the companies and brands to fine tune and tweak the product or service they are about to release so it is flawless once the general public has access to it.

You will always be aware of how long a piece of market research will take to complete on Opinion Champ and the exact requirements of the research.

When you click on a form of market research to complete, Opinion Champ will have an estimated time of completion listed; the transparency on this is great for members. Typically, surveys and market research on Opinion Champ will take around ten minutes to complete.

Opinion Champ also makes sure to list the exact requirements each piece of research needs to be fulfilled. Some types may require you to share video, audio or images in order to fully complete the research. If you do not feel comfortable sharing that type of media, you are not obligated to complete it. You can simply skip over it. No harm, no foul!

Another cool feature about Opinion Champ is it is optimized for use on a regular PC or laptop and for tablets and smartphones. So, you can feel comfortable participating in its market research wherever and whenever you feel like doing so.

Opinion Champ’s Rewards

You will be paid for your opinions with Opinion Champ when you complete surveys and other forms of market research. You will earn points for each piece of market research you complete, but then you can redeem your points for cash, gift cards and other prizes.

Right now, you need at least 1600 points to cash out for your rewards. Typically, 100 points equals $1 as well.

If you choose the cash option, you will be paid directly via PayPal. You can also choose to redeem your points as gift cards. You can choose from a variety of popular retailers such as Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, Krispy Kreme, Starbucks, Southwest Airlines, Target, The Home Depot and more.

Joining Opinion Champ

Becoming an Opinion Champ member is as easy as 1-2-3. It will literally take you less than five minutes to sign up.

First, you will need to enter your standard registration details like your name, a valid email address, your gender, etc. You will also create a password for your new account. Then, you will be directed to check your email inbox for Opinion Champ’s confirmation email.

The email should appear right away in your inbox, but if it does not, hit refresh in a few minutes until it does appear.

In this email, there will be a button to click that says, “Verify Email.” Once you click that, your account is verified and ready to go. You can choose to log into your account from this verification page as well.

You can view the surveys and market research you are eligible to complete on your Opinion Champ account dashboard, but Opinion Champ will also send you email invitations to complete certain research. Make sure you keep an eye on your email so you do not miss any exclusive surveys.

The first survey you will end up taking will be a registration survey which will help Opinion Champ match you to surveys and market research that are relevant to your interests, so you will find them fun and exciting to complete.

It is important to make sure you answer all survey questions and market research questions as truthfully and honestly as possible. Opinion Champ does reserve the right to cancel your membership for inaccurate or false information and/or answers.

The Opinion Champ dashboard is super user-friendly and easy to navigate. You will always know how many points you have earned as there is a convenient point tracker in the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard.

There is a menu on the left-hand side with tabs for surveys, rewards, redemptions, activity history and my account.

Whenever you are ready to redeem your points, you just have to go to the rewards tab to do so.

If you find that you really enjoy completing surveys and other market research on Opinion Champ, then you can connect with the panel on social media. Opinion Champ is on Facebook and Twitter.

Are you ready to become a champion of your opinions, input and feedback? Then you need to sign up to become an Opinion Champ survey panelist today.