Being extremely itchy is one of the most uncomfortable feelings ever. Unfortunately for people with eczema, they know the dreaded feeling all too well. In fact, 15 million Americans are affected by eczema and between 15% to 20% of all people will experience it in some fashion at some point in their lives.

Are you one of the 15 million Americans that deal with eczema? Have you been searching for a way to relieve your eczema symptoms? Then you will want to learn more about becoming a voluntary participant in this brand-new Eczema Clinical Trial.

To apply for the trial, you need to be at least 18 years old, though a child 13 years old or younger may be able to participate if their parent or legal guardian sign them up to participate and they qualify.

Why would an eczema clinical trial be interested in younger participants’ eczema experiences? One reason is that dealing with eczema begins early in a person’s life, even as early as before age five. Actually, up to 20% of infants have eczema when they are born, but nearly half of them will outgrow it as they age. For those that are not as lucky to outgrow it, they can deal with eczema their whole lives as a chronic condition, though sometimes it can clear up for a couple years before flaring up again later.

What exactly is eczema? The medical term for it is atopic dermatitis and it is a non-contagious condition that makes skin itchy and red. Other eczema symptoms include:

  • Dry skin;
  • Severe itching (especially at night);
  • Red or brown-gray discolored patches located on:
    • Hands,
    • Feet,
    • Ankles,
    • Wrists,
    • Neck,
    • Upper chest,
    • Eyelids,
    • Insides of elbows and knees,
    • Faces and scalps of infants;
  • Small, raised bumps which can leak fluid and crust over when scratched;
  • Thickened, cracked, scaly skin; and
  • Raw, sensitive, swollen skin (from scratching).

Eczema impacts both men and women equally. Why does it happen to some people and not others? Eczema is caused by a gene variation. Healthy skin is able to retain moisture and protect the body from bacteria, irritants and allergens. In skin with the gene variation that causes eczema, the skin is not able to do those proper functions so environmental factors, irritants, bacteria and other allergens break through. Food allergies, asthma and hay fever can also cause eczema to occur and flare.

Currently, there is no cure for eczema. There are only treatments and self-medicating tips and tricks to keep flare-ups from occurring often. These treatments and self-medicating advice can include soothing creams, medicated ointments, avoiding harsh soaps, moisturizing skin regularly and things of that nature.

There could be even more relief on the way for eczema sufferers though thanks to this Eczema Clinical Trial. The trial is researching and investigating a new drug for eczema relief. If you are looking to participate in the trial, you simply need to fill out AutoCruitment’s application form.

The application form will most likely take you around ten minutes to complete. You will enter your standard registration details such as your name, phone number, email address and so on.

Then, you will complete various qualifying questions related to your eczema and health including questions like when you were diagnosed with eczema, how much of your body your eczema covers, if you have taken any eczema prescriptions before, if you have used any eczema ointments before, if you have had any allergic reactions to these eczema drugs before, your vaccine history and other medical qualifying questions of that nature.

If you are eligible to be a participant in the clinical trial, you will be contacted by a member of the research team and they will provide you with more information about the trial before you commit to being a voluntary participant.

For the trial, you will need to visit a local research site every so often. Your point of contact on the research team will provide you with the location in your area that is participating in the trial.

On top of being completely voluntary, being a participant in the study and trial is completely free. You will receive study-related doctor visits, study-related doctor tests, commonly approved- and study-related vaccines and the study drug all at no-cost to you. You also do not need to have health insurance to participate in the study and trial. There is also a chance you could be compensated for your time and travel while participating in the program.

You can also be confident knowing your application is secure with AutoCruitment. Since 2014, AutoCruitment has been streamlining the patient-recruitment process for medical studies and trials. The company makes it simple for research teams to find participants and, in turn, safely make faster discoveries and gains in the medical field to help people struggling with medical problems.

Another part of AutoCruitment’s mission is to ensure people suffering from chronic illnesses or diseases feel empowered to be able to locate and enroll themselves in applicable clinical trials that offer access to potential medical advances.

AutoCruitment has helped 247 million patients participate in research studies and clinical trials, has helped complete 522 clinical trials and has saved research teams five months of participation enrollment time on average. The company has experience in helping find participants in the medical areas of psychology and neurology, men’s and women’s health, pediatrics, immunology and rheumatology, general medicine and endocrinology, cardiovascular, dermatology and aesthetics, gastroenterology, ophthalmology and audiology, urology, and respiratory.

If you suffer from eczema and are ready to participate in a new Eczema Clinical Trial to help investigate a new drug for eczema relief, sign up to see if you are eligible to be a voluntary participant today.