Unfortunately, many of us have wasted a lot of time by signing up for the wrong types of surveys. Sometimes, the surveys you sign up for aren’t looking for opinions from you. Sometimes, the surveys aren’t really surveys, they’re just trying to get you to purchase products. Sometimes, the surveys have ridiculously high cash out thresholds you’ll never meet. Sometimes, the surveys don’t actually reward you with anything. It’s all totally frustrating! There’s good news, though, because there IS a better way to take surveys!

Opinion Heard knows the most efficient ways in which you can participate in market research so you can maximize the rewards you earn! Opinion Heard has 16 years of market research experience and has created a market research training program to teach you these efficient market research methods. You may be asking yourself how do you know if you can trust this Opinion Heard? Well, Opinion Heard has been featured on trustworthy programs and publications such as Forbes, Shark Tank, ABC, CNBC and The New York Times!

The whole reason Opinion Heard was created in the first place was to help put an end to unfair payouts and endless, wasted hours of survey taking. This is also why Opinion Heard makes sure it only partners with and provides you with the best market research firms to bring users the highest paying and meaningful surveys that actually influence product development among top brands.

By signing up for Opinion Heard, you’ll be provided with extensive training on the best and most efficient ways to participate in market research. When you listen to its training, advice and tips, you can make up to $800 per week by completing surveys, product reviews and focus groups. There’s also the potential to earn up to $200 per day!

It literally only takes a few moments of your time to join Opinion Heard. First, you simply fill out the shortest form ever with your first name and your email address. Next, you will read through the first step directions in Opinion Heard‘s training guide. This page will tell you the key to participating in market research is working directly with market research firms/companies. You also need to make sure you’re actively participating in at least 10 different survey panels because this ensures you’ll be able to jump on bigger payouts, enjoy more transparency all the way around and you’ll be able to work whenever and however much you want! Opinion Heard also cautions you need to work at least 10 hours monthly to make sure you’re actually getting rewarded for your market research efforts.

The second step directions include actually signing up for Opinion Heard‘s top-10 list of survey panels with which the company partners. This is the step that will take you the longest to complete. It will take you approximately 3 hours to sign up for all 10 survey panels. Be sure you also confirm your registration for each panel in each panel’s welcome email.

Currently, the top-10 survey panels Opinion Heard is recommending its users sign up for are:  LifePoints Panel, PointClub Surveys, Branded Surveys, Product Report Card, ClearVoice Surveys, Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel, Inbox Dollars, Toluna, YouGov and Survey Junkie. Once you sign up and confirm your registration for each panel, Opinion Heard will then email you the next step in its training program and you can go onto complete it from your email.

What are you waiting for? If you want the best methods in which to complete market research and maximize your earnings, you’ll sign up to be trained by Opinion Heard today!