Become an influencer by becoming a panelist with Pinecone Research! This market research panel is one of the most trusted leaders in the industry when it comes to relaying the voices of consumers to companies and brands that need input, which means you’re joining an elite group of panelists.

Companies and brands reach out to Pinecone Research whenever they need consumer feedback on a variety of things. These can include opinions on survey topics, but typically these groups need feedback on emerging concepts when it comes to developing new products, services and ideas.

Once the companies and brands reach out to Pinecone Research, Pinecone then sends YOU survey invitations or product test invitations via email so you can participate! Popular survey topics these brands and companies need feedback on include home life, music, sports, recreational activities, movies, TV shows, spending habits, family, health, beauty and much more.

For each product you test out thanks to Pinecone Research, you can earn up to $3. You can also be awarded with points for your time. You can then redeem these points later for cash and other great prizes. The cash can be redeemed via bank transfers or as gift cards to great retailers. Your points will only expire if you are inactive on your Pinecone Research account for twelve (12) consecutive months.

Joining Pinecone Research is a breeze, but it will take you about an hour to fully register. First, you’ll need to sign-up and provide your standard registration details like your email, name, birthdate, etc. Then, you’ll need to confirm your identity via text message or automated phone call. You’ll then go on to complete your member profile so you can be sent the most perfect market research opportunities for you. This will take the longest to complete. Make sure you also confirm your registration in Pinecone Research’s welcome email!

Pinecone Research wants you to know that the company does NOT have a Facebook presence. If you are ever asked by a “Pinecone Research Facebook account” to provide any type of login information, report it immediately and let Pinecone Research know via its contact page on its website.

Does Pinecone Research sound like the market research panel for you? Then sign up today and begin your journey to becoming an online influencer and earn rewards for sharing your opinions!