Your voice is powerful and it becomes even more powerful when you participate in surveys on important issues in our nation! Where can you find important surveys such as these to take? You can find them on YouGov! YouGov is a very reputable and reliable survey source and is trusted by very large media outlets and organizations such as The New York Times! The input provided from YouGov users helps outlets such as The NYT write articles and create content for its readers!

Simply just knowing that YouGov survey panelistsopinions are directly used to impact the world makes it more than worth your while to become a panelist! You’ll also be happy to know it’s super easy to join YouGov. It’ll only take you 5 short minutes to fully register! First, you need to click the “startbutton on YouGov‘s home page. Then, you’ll enter some standard registration details along with your email address. Next, you’ll be directed to a page telling you to check your email for YouGov‘s welcome email. In this email, there will be a confirmation code. Use this code on YouGov‘s website to confirm your account. Now you’re all set to begin taking surveys! Just for registering, you’ll also be rewarded with 500 points. Make sure you also complete your first available survey after signing up. It’s your profile survey and it will help match you better to surveys you’ll be interested in taking.

There are many different topics available to share your feedback on with YouGov surveys. You can participate in surveys and polls on subject matter such as politics, sports, entertainment, the second amendment, fashion, reality stars, social situations, musicians, the environment, the justice system and SO much more. In fact, there are 2 different tabs where there is a search bar at the top of the page so you can search for ANY topic and provide your input on it if someone else has already created a thread for it; you could even start your own thread for the topic if it’s not already there!

Those 2 tabs with the topic search bar are the “Daily Questionstab and the “Opinions” tab. In the “Daily Questionstab, you’ll be taken to a page with the search bar on top and then you’ll see multiple boxes of polls to take. Each box will be labeled with the title of each poll and you’ll go through and answer each question of the poll. For example, one of those boxes will ask you to rate the quality of the infrastructure in America and the box will contain a handful of questions about the topic.

The “Opinionstab also has a search bar and is definitely the place to find the most random topics in which you can share your feedback. For example, there’s an Eminem thread and people have left comments about how attractive he is over the quality of his music. You can find just about anything to talk about in the “Opinionstab!

The “Surveys” tab is going to be the most useful tab for you. That’s where you’ll find the harder hitting surveys that the large media outlets and organizations will use to help structure stories and products and services.

You’ll receive points for the surveys (and polls) you complete with YouGov. The longer the surveys are that you take, the more points you’ll earn per survey! YouGov will also email you survey invitations, so make sure you’re always checking your inbox to ensure you don’t miss any survey taking opportunities!

You can always find your points balance on your main account dashboard on YouGov. It’s the first thing you see there! You’ll find you need at least 25,000 points in order to begin redeeming your rewards. With at least 25,000 points, you can pick up a $15 Amazon gift card. A $50 Amazon gift card is 55,000 points and a $100 Amazon gift card is 100,000 points. In general, most $25 gift cards are 30,000 points and most $50 gift cards are 60,000 points. The gift cards you could receive, in addition to Amazon, include Old Navy, Lowe’s, Macy’s, GameStop, the T.J. Maxx family of stores, the Chili’s family of restaurants, Regal and AMC movie theaters, Applebee’s, Target, Michaels, CVS, Bed Bath and Beyond, Foot Locker, Nike and more! You could also redeem your points as bank transfers. A $50 bank transfer requires 55,000 points and a $100 bank transfer requires 100,000 points.

You can also earn extra points by referring your friends and family members to join YouGov! At the bottom of your account dashboard, you’ll find your custom referral link. When your friends and family sign up for YouGov with your referral link and once they complete at least 4 surveys, you’ll receive 2000 extra points per friend! It’s that simple!

If you’re ready to truly make an impact on the nation by sharing your feedback on major issues, such as political issues, then you need to join YouGov today! You can begin impacting our nation by taking surveys in only 5 minutes! Become a YouGov member today!