We’re all consumers whether we want to admit it or not. So, naturally, you have formed opinions about all things shopping-related! Wouldn’t it be nice to find ways to save while you shop? You can do just that when you complete the Shopper’s Voice survey today!

When you sign up to complete the Shopper’s Voice survey, you’ll have a chance to earn one of three $500 monthly prizes, instant money-saving flash rewards and freebies tailored to your favorite brands! These prizes can all definitely find you ways to save money while you’re shopping!

Signing up to complete the Shopper’s Voice survey is super easy! The survey is tailored to the main grocery shopper in your household. That being said though, you can still complete the survey even if you’re not the main grocery shopper in your home! There’s a simple registration form to fill out before you begin the Shopper’s Voice survey. This form asks you for your standard registration details like your name, email, town, etc. Filling out this form only takes a few moments of your time!

The next step is completing the actual Shopper’s Voice survey! This survey is lengthy and extremely detailed–which is a good thing! As a result, it will probably take you between 30-40 minutes to complete this survey. The time can vary though based on your answers to the questions. If you respond yes to certain questions, you’ll be asked more in-depth questions. If you respond no to certain questions, you won’t be asked those additional questions since they don’t apply to you! But the average time of completion for this Shopper’s Voice survey is 30-40 minutes.

The Shopper’s Voice survey asks detailed questions about ALL things shopping-related! There are portions of the survey about your shopping habits, what items and brands you prefer to buy, which appliances you have in your home and if you’re in the market to purchase new ones, which brands of toiletries you use, if you have any health issues or concerns, which charitable causes you support or wish you were able to support, your social media habits, your travel habits, the leisure activities you enjoy and SO much more!

Once you’ve completed the Shopper’s Voice survey, you’ll be taken to a screen announcing this. At this point, you can check your personal email inbox and you’ll have a bunch of offers and deals waiting for you! You’ll have the opportunity to print out coupons, claim freebies from big brands and more. Your personal email is also how Shopper’s Voice will contact you if you’re chosen as one of the winners of the $500 monthly prize.

Does the Shopper’s Voice survey sound like the perfect survey for you? Then fill out the registration form today to begin completing the Shopper’s Voice survey today!