One of the greatest things about the United States of America is its citizens have freedom of expression. For the most part, we’re able to say what we wantwhen we want to and however we want. Of course, there are a few exceptions to the rule, but we digress. One of the most powerful things about the freedom of expression is individuals can create change just by VOICING their opinions. When you voice your opinions and apply them in the proper manner, you can be more influential than you may ever realize you can be!

The influence from your voice can be felt on all types of groups in the country and the Internet has made it a more common occurrence than ever before! One of those ways your voice can leave a powerful mark is by becoming a survey panelist with Maru’s Springboard America! Springboard America has been conducting market research since 2009 and the panel partners with reputable organizations to help them better understand their customers’ and stakeholders’ wants and needs, as well as to ensure the views of ordinary Americans are taken into account when major decisions are made. This makes Springboard America one of the United States’ leading online market research communities!

By joining the thousands of other Springboard America survey panelists, you can watch your views take flight as you complete influential surveys on major national–and localtopics with your honest opinions and answers in order to help make a difference in your community. The groups who are looking for your feedback include government bodies, the media, major household brandsnot-for-profit groups and many other types of private companiesYour feedback helps them improve their already existing productsservices and policies as well as create new onesYour survey answers are analyzed by Springboard America‘s research experts before they’re presented to the groups or released to the media to ensure quality results that can lead to quality improvements across the nation!

Many surveys are ultimately based upon what insights specific groups are looking for, but the topics can be on political issues (like elections), health issues (like the pandemic), economic subjects (like how you’ll use your stimulus check money), opinions on (name-brand) productsholidays and how you celebrate them, how you make decisions and nearly any other topic under the sun! Most of the topics are presented to users in the form of surveys, but some are also presented as quick opinion polls.

You’ll be happy to know becoming a Springboard America survey panelist is a breeze! It’s a good idea to set aside 10-15 minutes to fully complete your registration. When you go to join, you’ll complete a member registration survey. Here, you’ll enter your standard registration details such as your name, email, zip code, birthday, etc. You’ll also describe your educational and household details as well. You’ll be able to describe what types of entertainment you enjoy and you’ll be able to answer a thought-provokingopen-ended question or two. Once you complete all of this, you’ll hit the finish button. You’ll then be instructed to check your email for Springboard America‘s welcome email. In the welcome email, you’ll click the link to confirm your registrationThis is a very important step, don’t skip it! Once you do this, you’ll have access to your account dashboard where you can fine-tune your details in order to be matched with surveys and polls that will interest you the most! Once you complete your registration as well, you’ll gain an entry into Springboard America’s $1000 sweepstakes drawing!

When you complete surveys, you’ll be rewarded with points. You can redeem your points for additional entries into monthly sweepstakes drawings. You can also redeem them for AmazoniTunesPayPal and VISA gift cards as well as other prizes! In one month’s time (January 2021) alone, Springboard America awarded $31,877 in prizes to its survey panelists. How cool is that? Furthermore, make sure you check your email regularly as survey invitations will be sent to you, as well as invitations for other types of market researchsurvey results and community updates!

You’re able to see the real impact of your survey answers on Springboard America as well. The survey panel has a “Your Views in the News” page where you can see survey results used in real world applications by the real brands and groups that have asked for the help. It will make you feel good as a panelist to see your opinions are actually making an impact on the world around you!

Springboard America is also very active as a survey panel on social media. If you enjoy social media, you can follow Springboard America on Twitter and Instagram, as well as like Springboard America on Facebook.

Does Springboard America sound like a survey panel you would be proud to become an active member of as soon as possible? Then you need to jump on the bandwagon and sign up today! It’s your patriotic right to be able to use your freedom of expression, so do so today by answering surveys on Springboard America!