By Pat Wallmark

I have seen ads so many times claim I can earn $100 in the next hour, day or week by taking surveys online. I have previously tried doing these surveys a few times and I rarely hit the amount needed to cash out and redeem my rewards. Sometimes, I earned gift cards for taking a survey, but they usually took a considerable amount of time to earn just a small $5 or $10 gift card.

Despite my previous experience, I decided to put these new ads’ claims to the test and the results were incredibly shocking.

The Guidelines

In all fairness, some rules were applied to make this legitimate.

  •  A stopwatch was used to time this experiment.
  •  The timer was started when I started right before I began registering for my first survey panel website.
  •  I used the same personal data for myself with each survey. This is important as surveys are usually targeted to certain personal information, so not everyone will have the same surveys available. I’ll have more on this later.

I also need to add a disclaimer here:  consumer brands that are looking for opinions are usually buying specific data, tailored to their product(s).

For instance, a company making baby products would only be interested in expecting or young mom’s opinions. A men’s gray hair removing product would only be interested in older male opinions. You get the point.

There are still plenty of companies, like McDonald’s and Kohl’s, that want everyone’s opinion, so there are always surveys to take, but each person might see a different list. There also might even be local companies which are restricted to your zip code or state!

I decided to be prepared and have two survey sites to start with to see how much I could earn. Both sites had a sign-up bonus, so I had a head start when registering. I really wanted to make this happen!

The Inbox Pays Case Study

The first place I signed up was on Inbox Pays has been around for a long time and has a mixed reputation. Most of the reviews on this site are just pointing out the “look” of it and have never provided an actual case study. Here is mine:

To start, here are the money-making opportunities available with Inbox Pays:

  • Paid Surveys – Receive email notifications every few days about new chances to earn $1 for completing a simple online survey.
  • Online Studies –  Receive weekly email notifications about new opportunities to earn between $5 and $75 for evaluating a product.
  • Opinion Polls – Receive fun opinion polls in your inbox a few times each week and earn $0.25 every time you share your opinion.
  • Member Newsletter – Stay informed. Every two weeks, you’ll receive an email about your account balance, new opportunities and bonus offers.

I have not even investigated the email earning potential yet, besides my confirmation email, but the other aspects of Inbox Pays have a lot to offer:

  • I completed seven offers, six from the “Cash Offerstab and one from the “My Studiestab.
  • I received my $5 sign-up bonus.
  • I spent $11.97 on my credit card.
  • It took me a total of 29 minutes to complete all this.

Here are my earnings:

I was off to a great start with Inbox Pays! I quickly browsed through the site and completed the offers that seemed the most appealing to me. Again, everyone will have a different experience, but offers tailored to your age, gender, location and more help make them more interesting!

I decided that I wanted to give my second site a chance instead of continuing more on Inbox Pays, even though I was doing great and on pace to hit $100 in less than an hour!

The Panda Research Case Study

My next choice was It is another site that has been around for a long time and has mixed reviews, but I had previously heard about it from a friend, so it earned some credibility with me. Panda Research also has a $3 sign-up bonus, so I had a head start in picking up earnings. Here are my results:

Again, I have not even broken into the emails yet besides my confirmation email, but the other aspects of Panda Research proved to be profitable:

  • I completed nine offers, all from the “Available Surveystab. There are many in which you can choose!
  • I received my $3 sign-up bonus.
  • I spent $1 on my credit card.
  • It took me a total of 28 minutes to complete all this.

Here are my earnings:

That’s right, I earned $108.75 in less than 30 minutes with Panda Research.

The Result

Between Inbox Pays and Panda Research, I earned a combined total of $175.30 in less than one hour! The rumors were TRUE for me.

This was so much fun to do and I had so much success, I will happily do another case study on more panel sites to see how much I can earn. I will also provide updates from these two websites as I want to continue to see how much I can earn on them as well.

Keep in Mind

Some things to note, I did use my credit card and purchased a few things which I am excited to try. Plus, I earned way more cash back than I paid. The offers available to me were tailored to my personal information, so my experience will not necessarily be the same as other users’ experiences. I was honest will all my survey answers as well. I did not qualify for one survey, which can happen, but the rest were successful. I also was prepared with survey sites in mind, but you can find many websites which list other survey panels to help you apply for them. I only needed two, but you can sign up for as many as you want. The more you do, the more you can earn!

Mission Accomplished

To sum my experience up, this was a huge success. Not only did I answer the question, but I earned $175.30 in doing so! I also was able to share my opinions and have my voice heard. I also purchased some cool books for my kids and inquired about an auto loan for a new car! Woohoo! I hope my experience can help you venture out and give online surveys a shot.