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Once you confirm your account and change your password, you’ll be directed to a page where you will complete your member profile. In your member profile, you will answer some more in-depth questions about your lifestyle, employment status, topics that interest you, members of your household and more. You’ll then complete a qualifying survey so ThePanelStation can learn more about you to accurately match you up to the best types of surveys for you. Once you complete your member profile and the qualifying survey, you’ll be rewarded an instant 1000 points!

There are additional “qualifying surveys” to complete on your ThePanelStation account dashboard, which cover more in-depth topics like about your job, pets, brands you prefer and more. When you complete these surveys, you can earn up to 150 points for each! Once you’ve completed all these tasks though, you’re all set to take even more surveys! You can find these surveys on your ThePanelStation dashboard. The surveys are on the homepage of the dashboard, so they’re super easy to locate and you don’t have to search hard for them!

ThePanelStation also sends you surveys to take via email! Once your account‘s been confirmed and you set up your profile, you’ll begin receiving these emails. They cover a broad range of topics and can be about nearly anything! One of the popular surveys to start users off with, though, is about cars and other types of automobiles. The email surveys start with rewarding you with about 50 points and the surveys can be worth more points later on! The point values on the surveys on your ThePanelStation dashboard can vary. Some of the point values can be up to 200-350 points! The lower end is typically around 150 points.

The surveys are super easy to complete and typically take around 15 minutes to complete, give or take a few minutes. Common ThePanelStation survey topics include consumer goods, technology, healthcare, travel, and finance. When you provide your feedback on these topics, you’re helping global brands build better products, make better services and create better experiences for everyone!

The cashout threshold for ThePanelStation is 3000 points, so that mark is super easy to reach when you consider you can earn up to 350 points per survey! You can redeem your ThePanelStation rewards via PayPal and gift cards for Amazon and other retailers as well as for other prizes. Keep in mind though, the PayPal option is temporarily unavailable and ThePanelStation will keep you updated on your dashboard on when it comes back.

Additionally, you can be entered into monthly drawings when you join ThePanelStation! These prize drawings can include additional money or other cool types of prizes. ThePanelStation also distributes over $2 million worth of incentives to its users on a yearly basis!

ThePanelStation is a versatile website as well because you can either participate online on your desktop or via its downloadable smartphone app. This is part of what helps make ThePanelStation one of the most diverse online communities. Currently, it has over 5.11 million consumers participating in its market research from the world’s fastest growing economies. With the strong support of its community members, ThePanelStation is becoming one of the world’s largest consumer panels and a premier global provider of consumer research information to major corporations.

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