Participating in online market research is super easy, but do you know what makes it even easier? Using an app to participate! SurveySavvy Connect is one of the best market research companies online and it offers a downloadable smartphone app so you can participate whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you!

There are a few different types of market research you can participate in with SurveySavvy. You will be matched to standard online surveys based on your member profile. Since 1999, SurveySavvy has been offering online surveys to its users. The surveys on SurveySavvy come from companies looking for specific data and information from users. If your profile information matches the data, demographics and criteria that the companies need, you will be sent survey invitations via email. There is no guarantee on how many survey invitations you may receive, but the more you keep your profile information up-to-date, the higher the chances will be that you will be sent more survey invitations.

You can also participate in SurveySavvy‘s behavioral market research. Since 2009, SurveySavvy has been offering this type of market research to its users. This is where the SurveySavvy app comes into place. You install the app/software onto your device(s) and it then tracks your online habits and Internet behavior. Based on your preferences, habits and behaviors, you will be sent additional surveys on relevant topics.

For participating in online surveys and behavioral market research with SurveySavvy Connect, you can earn rewards for simply completing these activities! You can earn up to $60 just for enabling digital tracking on your Internet-connected devices and you even have the chance to earn up to $180 per year! New members (in the US) will be automatically invited to begin earning this rewards after signing up.

Membership is always free with SavvyConnect, so that’s a bonus in and of itself! You can also earn additional rewards just by having the app active on your devices! SurveySavvy Connect considers you a VIP when you install its app on your smartphone, desktop or laptop computer and/or a tablet or iPad. For each month you have the app active, you’ll receive $5 for each device the app is on! How great is that? You’ll also receive special access to exclusive surveys and expedited reward payments.

You can also be rewarded for referring people to join SurveySavvy. You will have your very own, unique referral link which you can post on your blog (if you have one), Facebook page, Twitter account or any other social media platform you may have. You can also email your link to your family and friends. Not only do you earn rewards for completing surveys yourself, but you will earn rewards when your referrals complete surveys. You will also earn rewards when your referrals’ referrals complete surveys. It is a win-win-win situation all the way around!

SurveySavvy Connect also has a great cash-out threshold. You are allowed to cashout and redeem your cash earnings at just $1.00! This is great considering you’ll sometimes complete a survey that pays as much as $50! You can cash-out via the Request Payment tool on your account dashboard. Your payment will be sent to you in the form of a check and will be mailed to your address on file via USPS. Important side note:  please keep the SurveySavvy app installed until the 10th day of the following month in order to remain eligible for your incentives.

Don’t wait one moment longer to sign up for SurveySavvy Connect today. Start downloading the app on all your mobile devices and begin earning all types of great rewards!